Successful SMS Templates

Want responsive customers? Send a text.

95% percent of Americans own a cellphone and most of us carry our smartphones with us wherever we go. SMS templates are an incredibly effective way to request online reviews; it gives you everything you need to start a conversation with your customers. We are going to share some successful sms review request templates you can use with your customers. These messages have the specific goal of getting clicks. We want customers to engage and move to the next step to be converted.

Your amazing [customer name]. Just wanted to let you know we’ve enjoyed working with you. Would you be willing to share your thoughts (good and bad) w/ others? [Review Funnel Link]

Hi [customer name], This is [your name], GM at [business]. “What’s it like there?” That’s the question I hear most often. You’re one of our regulars, a favorite. Would you be willing to share your experience? [Review Funnel Link]

Hey [customer name], can I ask for a tiny favor? Would you be willing to write a review for us? [Review Funnel Link]

We were voted “Best [your award]” by [Award Organization]. That’s nice and all, but we’re more interested in what you think. Willing to share? [Review Funnel Link]

[customer name], it’s [your name]. On a scale of 1 – 5, how likely are you to recommend us? [Review Funnel Link]

Have a succesful sms template you want to share? Drop us a note. We love to hear from our businesses what works and what doesn’t.